Thursday, January 11, 2007

Alpha through Time Spiral

A new patch has been available for some time, get it here. This file has everything you need to get started (except the OCTGN program. Follow the readme to get all set up!


1. Download latest version of (13.11.2006 v. 1.3.531) OCTGN (The Online Card and Tabletop Games Network) from
here and install it.

2. In OCTGN install the card images by going to: Game, Database, Load new cards: Locate the
Alpha-Time_Spiral_Patch_EN_11-13-2006.OCTGNSet - spoiler.

3. Go to options and check the correct path for your db-folder and images folder.

4. Install the oracle-updates, patch.octgn and dbfiles:

--Oracle spell and creaturetypes
==> updates database for reprints of Rav
-unzip somewhere, go in octgn to game, database, load database patch
==> updates database for latest oracle wording
-unzip somewhere, go in octgn to games, database, load database patch

==> all October changes for legality (extended rotation, portal sets)
==> sealed for Time Spiral
-place in octgn/db folder

==> fixes 'invalid cardid'-message for 9th and rav
-place in octgn/db folder


Anonymous said...

Thank You,
Exactly what i needed to get back in the swing of things.

You guys are the best!

Fred said...


OCTGN and Mtgcast proudly presents - the new place for all of your OCTGN needs.

Come and join us.


Anonymous said...

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