Sunday, September 28, 2008

OCTGN 2 Alpha release available now!!

Well the day has come! OCTGN 2 Alpha is available for download! The following are links to the OCTGN 2 software, and the MTG Xth Edition Set. Check it out, now!

OCTGN 2 Alpha

MTG Gamefile

MTG Tenth Edition

Note: Only the Xth edition is available as of this post. More to follow. Remember, this is an Alpha release. Keep that in mind before getting distraught about not having all 150+ sets from the get-go!

Shards of Alara Low-Res

Low-Res Alara Patch is available, check it out below.

Link to the Lo-Res Patch
Link to the Invalid Card ID Fix

UPDATED: Patch including the db Update, and tokens!