Saturday, December 24, 2005

Alpha thru Ravnica Patch

An up-to-date full torrent is out.
So, fire up your torrent client and point it here!
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2005 December Type 1 (Vintage) Patch
Files included in this patch:
-Images (Alpha-Rav)
-Read_Me_First.txt (This one)

-What is OCTGN?
-How to Load a Patch into OCTGN?
-What card sets are included in this patch?

What is OCTGN?

Online Card Tabletop Gaming Network (OCTGN) is a multi-player multi-platform implementation of a card game engine. The card game engine is designed to be of general purpose core for several modules each defining the game's specific behavior.

Players download a client for their platform and all modules of interest. OCTGN can be used to play a CCG with full graphics for cards online. With OCTGN, up to six players can play a game at once, and with the latest versions of the software, sealed deck games are also possible. One of the drawbacks is that the game has no AI to judge players and solitaire play is not available. All games are played exactly as they are in real life: You need to keep track of your life, whether your opponent made an illegal play, and know the rules of the game. No computer judge exists. With that said, OCTGN is totally free and easy
to use. To obtain a copy of OCTGN, visit:

How to Load a Patch into OCTGN?

After you have downloaded and installed OCTGN, perform the following steps to install
this patch:

1. Unzip the patch into its own folder.
2. Launch OCTGN.
3. In OCTGN, click on the "Game" button, select the "Database" pull-out menu, and
choose the "Load New Card Set" menu item.
4. In the window that opens, browse to the folder where you unzipped the patch. There
should be a .OCTGNSet file in this directory.
5. Double-click on this file. You should be prompted on whether or not to load the
particular card set.
6. Choose "Yes" on the confirmation popup window.

NOTE: Installing large patches, like the T1 combined set patch, may take as long
as 20 minutes on slower computers. Please be patient and wait for the patching to finish.

What card sets are included in this patch?

Limited Edition Alpha (Released August 1993)
Limited Edition Beta (Released October 1993)
Unlimited Edition (Released December 1993)
Arabian Nights (Released December 1993)
Antiquities (Released March 1994)
Revised Edition (Released April 1994)
Legends (Released June 1994)
The Dark (Released August 1994)
Fallen Empires (Released November 1994)
Fourth Edition (Released April 1995)
Ice Age (Released June 1995)
Chronicles (Released September 1995)
Homelands (Released November 1995)
Alliances (Released June 10th, 1996)
Mirage (Released October 8th, 1996)
Visions (Released Febuary 3rd, 1997)
Portal (Released May 1st, 1997)
Fifth Edition (Released March 24th, 1997)
Vanguard (First introduced at Arena League during Radiant season 1997)
Weatherlight (Released June 9th, 1997)
Tempest (Released October 14th, 1997)
Stronghold (Released March 2nd, 1998)
Exodus (Released June 15, 1998)
Portal Second Age (Released June 24, 1998)
Unglued (Released August 11, 1998)
Urza's Saga (Released October 5th, 1998)
Urza's Legacy (Released February 15, 1999)
Urza's Destiny (Released May 28, 1999)
Classic Sixth Edition (Released April 21, 1999)
Portal Three Kingdoms (Released July 6th, 1999)
Starter 1999 (Released August 27, 1999)
Mercadian Masques (Released September 25, 1999)
Nemesis (Released February 8, 2000)
Prophecy (Released June 15, 2000)
Invasion (Released Sep 25, 2000)
Planeshift (Released January 26, 2001)
Apocalypse (Released May 25, 2001)
Seventh Edition (Released April 11, 2001)
Odyssey (Released Sep 21, 2001)
Torment (Released February 20, 2002)
Judgment (Released May 21, 2002)
Onslaught (Released Sep 27, 2002)
Legions (Released January 31, 2003)
Scourge (Released May 26, 2003)
Eighth Edition (Released July 28, 2003)
Mirrodin (Released October 2, 2003)
Darksteel (Released February 6, 2004)
Fifth Dawn (Released May 22, 2004)
Champions of Kamigawa (Released October 1, 2004)
Unhinged (Released November 19, 2004)
Betrayers of Kamigawa (Release February 4, 2005)
Saviours of Kamigawa (Release June 3, 2005)
Ninth Edition (Released July 29, 2005)
Ravnica: City of Guilds (Released October 7, 2005)
MTG Oversize cards (No special release date)
Magic Miscellaneous (Constantly updated)

For more information on OCTGN, visit:

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Magic Sock

Mr. Sock has just released the first episode his Magic: the Gathering video blog, "The Magic Sock" to the public. For an entertaining look at the highlander format, as well as a taste of things to come, head on over to his blog at

OCTGN Deck Analyzer (MTG) by Bykr

Bykr has done some outstanding work on an excel MTG deck analyzer for OCTGN. The analyzer can 'peek' directly into your OCTGN card database and view decks you already have saved, or you can import XML decks as well. Check out this thread for more info.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hi-Res Eigth Edition finally finished.

Eigth Edition Hi-Res is available. If you are up-to-date with everything else, get the stand-alone here. Or the latest Alpha thru Ravnica patch on torrent has this included.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mapped out with Frappr!

Are you an OCTGN user? Join the OCTGN world domination and add yourself . Go to

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Need to update OCTGN? Don't know how? We're here to help!

OK, so there's a new patch out... but for some reason, everytime you put together a deck, its not showing the cards as legal. Maybe, your playing a match, and you get into a dispute and your opponent says, "wrong, read the oracle," yet you're not quite sure what he's talking about, or maybe its just that your oracle files are out of date... any of these sound familiar? Well here's what you need to do.

Besides installing the latest card patch (which only installs the card information into the db), you also need to update several things to be up to date with the rest of us.

First step: make sure all your patches are "Official" Patches. Official means that these patches are the ones that have been accepted by the community. The reason we all need to agree on a standard, is so there aren't different patches of the same set running around with different card IDs. Not sure what I mean? Well then just make sure you get the patches from the links on this blog, and you'll be good to go.

Second step: update your oracle files. There are 2 oracle files that need to be applied:
- Spell and Creature Types - This file updates the database to the latest card reading for creatures. (e.g. Lord of the Undead is a 'Creature -- Zombie Lord' as of Ninth Edition).
- Card Wording - This file will update all your oracle readings for each card, based on the latest official wording from Wizards.
Both of these files can be obtained here, as well as an installation readme.

Third step: update your database patch and files
- patch.octgn - This file will update the legality of each card, as well as apply sealed deck starter functionality for the latest set.
- - these text contain the list OCTGN needs to correct any invalid card issues you may have.
Both of these files can be obtained here, as well as an installation readme.

Final note: once you've applied each of these, its best to exit OCTGN and restart (to be on the safe side), also besides updating your patches, always make sure you have the latest OCTGN build!

Final Final note: If for some reason you have done all of this but have problems with sealed deck games not showing starter decks, do the following:
- Open OCTGN
- goto Game > Database > Database Query...
- replace the contents of the window with the following SQL tag:

UPDATE tlkpCardSets SET StarterExists=1, CommonStarter=32, CommonBooster=11, UncommonStarter=10, UncommonBooster=3, RareStarter=3, RareBooster=1, LandStarter=30 WHERE CardSetName='Ravinca: City of Guilds'

- Where Ravnica: City of Guilds is the name of the set you need starters for.
IMPORTANT, make sure you have it spelled correctly with the exact punctuation os it is in OCTGN. (Check it by opening card search, and verifying.)
- click execute, and restart OCTGN, that should do it

Hope this little tutorial helps!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ninth Edition Hi-Res Patch, on the street... err net!

The hi-res patch has been completed and is now available.
Get it here.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Official Ravnica Hi-Res Patch

Official Hi-Res Scanned patch is out. You can find it here.
Also: make sure to update your Oracle and db files. You can find them at or

Friday, September 23, 2005

Constructed Formats

General Info Links to Wizards' Constructed formats:
Other Formats:

Thursday, September 22, 2005

MTG Patch Links

Updated: 10 Jan. 2006 (You may need to refresh this page to see the latest changes)
Don't forget to download the latest Oracle and Database fixes!! You can find the links below.

Base Sets
Ravnica Official Hi-Res Patch
Ninth Edition Hi-Res Patch
Alpha through Ravnica (Torrent)
Oracle & DB files
Oracle updates
Creature Spell Types
DB Files
DB Patch

Extras & Single Sets
Guildpact (Lo-Res)
Magic Miscellaneous