Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Need to update OCTGN? Don't know how? We're here to help!

OK, so there's a new patch out... but for some reason, everytime you put together a deck, its not showing the cards as legal. Maybe, your playing a match, and you get into a dispute and your opponent says, "wrong, read the oracle," yet you're not quite sure what he's talking about, or maybe its just that your oracle files are out of date... any of these sound familiar? Well here's what you need to do.

Besides installing the latest card patch (which only installs the card information into the db), you also need to update several things to be up to date with the rest of us.

First step: make sure all your patches are "Official" Patches. Official means that these patches are the ones that have been accepted by the community. The reason we all need to agree on a standard, is so there aren't different patches of the same set running around with different card IDs. Not sure what I mean? Well then just make sure you get the patches from the links on this blog, and you'll be good to go.

Second step: update your oracle files. There are 2 oracle files that need to be applied:
- Spell and Creature Types - This file updates the database to the latest card reading for creatures. (e.g. Lord of the Undead is a 'Creature -- Zombie Lord' as of Ninth Edition).
- Card Wording - This file will update all your oracle readings for each card, based on the latest official wording from Wizards.
Both of these files can be obtained here, as well as an installation readme.

Third step: update your database patch and files
- patch.octgn - This file will update the legality of each card, as well as apply sealed deck starter functionality for the latest set.
- dbfiles.zip - these text contain the list OCTGN needs to correct any invalid card issues you may have.
Both of these files can be obtained here, as well as an installation readme.

Final note: once you've applied each of these, its best to exit OCTGN and restart (to be on the safe side), also besides updating your patches, always make sure you have the latest OCTGN build!

Final Final note: If for some reason you have done all of this but have problems with sealed deck games not showing starter decks, do the following:
- Open OCTGN
- goto Game > Database > Database Query...
- replace the contents of the window with the following SQL tag:

UPDATE tlkpCardSets SET StarterExists=1, CommonStarter=32, CommonBooster=11, UncommonStarter=10, UncommonBooster=3, RareStarter=3, RareBooster=1, LandStarter=30 WHERE CardSetName='Ravinca: City of Guilds'

- Where Ravnica: City of Guilds is the name of the set you need starters for.
IMPORTANT, make sure you have it spelled correctly with the exact punctuation os it is in OCTGN. (Check it by opening card search, and verifying.)
- click execute, and restart OCTGN, that should do it

Hope this little tutorial helps!


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